About Me

Who is Rosie?
I’m a bubbly, driven, and dedicated coach. I’ve been teaching for nearly 11 years, while building a music career. I’ve developed a system to teach children and adults how to free their voice and communicate their feelings through various veins of music. My mission is to make learning a fun and fulfilling experience by putting the student’s emotional and physical health and well being at the center of their expression. I’m an award winning Singer-Songwriter, Performer, and Naturopath.

Credentials & Experience

  • Juno Awards Delegate 2018-Present
  • BFA Classical Voice Performance Major
  • DEC Classical Voice Major
  • Trained with the Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Invitation Records (working with industry veteran Russ Regan)
  • Several studio albums
  • Several charting singles on US radio and club charts
  • TV appearances

Awards & Accomplishments:

  • Royal Conservatory of Music: 2 Silver Medals
  • Hollywood Music In Media Award Winner 2021 (Adult Contemporary)
  • NMW New Artist of the Year Radio Award 2020 (US TOP 40 Category)
  • SuperFantastico contest winner (hosted by CFMB radio)
  • Italian Festival: Il Cantagiro ‘Best Original Song’ Award in the International Category
  • CBC Searchlight Top 100 (2020)
  • CMW Jim Beam Talent Search Regional Finalist (2020)


Virtual/In-Person Lessons in English and French

Voice Lessons

Whether you’re 8 or 98; beginner, intermediate, or advanced; it’s never too late to learn how to sing or brush up your vocal skills. Learn the basics of breathing, vocal anatomy, sound placement, projection, healthy habits; and bring your voice from good to great! I help you peel back bad habits and discover your pure voice.

Voice Coaching

Are you an artist or vocalist? Are you looking to record your EP or album? Are you looking for in-studio help? Are you looking to go on tour? Maybe you’re looking for someone who can be brutally honest with you and challenge you to be better? Email me to discuss your goals; and I’ll help you reach them.

Piano Lessons

One instrument is good, but two is better. Piano improves hand/eye coordination, allows for a clear visual understanding of music theory, calms anxiety, excellent accompaniment for vocalists, and is a strong tool for songwriting. You can expect to learn how to read music, understand theory, play scales, chords, and much more. Whether your goal is to play in a band, or simply to learn for fun; the experience is therapeutic. Recommended age: 6+


We’re all connected by music, but we don’t all know how to create the connection. Everyone has a story and something to say, but not everyone knows how to share it. Songwriting is an emotionally liberating skill. I work with you to teach you the basics of songwriting and help you shape your thoughts and feelings into song.


Do you need a pair of professional ears for an objective perspective on your voice, music project, or performance? I can help you pinpoint the issues, and guide you towards solutions.

Artist Development & Project Management

You have a bunch of songs written. You want to start releasing them into the world. How do you get started?! There are many things to know and to learn. I coach and mentor young artists on how to create a vision, a body of work, and a plan.


Rosie gave me confidence in my voice! I’m a producer who originally never sang, and exclusively worked with featured vocalists because I was convinced I could never sing. While I’m still learning and improving, taking vocal coaching with Rosie has unlocked an ability I never knew I had. I’m finally able to confidently sing on my own tracks, and it’s because of her.

Wayne Auxen (Nashville, USA)

Rosie has been a sheer joy and guiding light to have as a singing coach/teacher for Clara (9yrs old)! Her positivity and energy is infectious which has allowed Clara to build confidence both as a young lady and a budding singer! We are 100% convinced that Rosie is the absolute best teacher in Montreal and would recommend her to all for the impressive inspiration that she brings to lessons, each and every week. (5 stars)

Nelson (Montreal, CA)

I have been told a lot that I need singing classes in order to enhance my voice control and hit the notes I was trying to hit. Since I started with coach Rosie, we have diligently been working on finding different techniques to ensure that I can hear and sound better. So far I can see the results. Even my close friends can notice. I am happy to have her as my coach.

Alexander Williams (Montreal, CA)

Rosie is a gifted teacher who maintains a perfect balance between rigorous technique, keeping the learning joyful and fun, and being a kind and generous educator. My two daughters have been taking voice lessons with Rosie for five years, during which they have developed immensely–technically, musically, creatively. They continue to grow artistically under her guidance and they remain enthusiastic and dedicated to the process. Rosie is among the best music teachers I know.

Eldad (mtl, CA)